Монополия “Моя маленькая пони” (My little pony)

монополия Моя маленькая пони бесплатно распечатать и скачать

Вам нравиться настольная игра «Монополия», а еще больше вам нравятся пони из мультика “Моя маленькая пони” (My little pony), тогда ниже вы сможете распечатать бесплатно настольную игру «Монопония».

Скачать и распечатать настольную игру “Монопония” (Монополия Моя маленькая пони, My little pony):

Скачать и распечатать игру.

Деньги к игре “Монопония” скачать и распечатать можно – тут.

Распечатать игровое поле Монополия “Моя маленькая пони”, переведенная на русский языкздесь.

Распечатать карточки “Шанс” на русском для игры Монопония можно – здесь.

Распечатать карточки “Казна” на русском для игры Монопония можно – здесь.

Распечатать карточки “Имущества” на русском для игры Монопония можно – здесь.


монополия мая маленькая пони в игре

Правила игры (коротко):

Things I just felt I had to make note of someplace
Also, meant to go particualrly with the rest of the folder I have.
So if certain things seem confusing or unrelated, this is probably why

Yeah no little metal monopoly figures here…
2″ blindbag figures should work fine though*

-Chance/Community chest-
2 yellow
2 orange (or actually consider pink maybe?)

Obviously, there isn’t exactly a way to print these out. So just take some from an old game and/or buy replacements
(Personally if you search for disney castle/cottage, I think they fit the theme fantastically)

-Title deeds-
4 pages white cardstock

*Variants from normal Monopoly colors*
20-Used Orange
100-Used Purple
500-Used Cream
I switched the bits for Applejack and Fluttershy, so Fluttershy could be yellow.
> Be sure to print doubble-sided
>Quantities of each bill (10 per page)
20 x $500 — 20 x $100
30 X $50 — 50 x $20
40 x $10 — 40 X $5
40 x $1
(Totals to 24 pages*)

Bills should be cut with a 2cm border***
(I think, whatever is halfway between the bill pictures)
I would have put this in myself, but it is just outside the printing area of the document.
-Other random notes-
>As for the other bill design, it was there and interesting so I included it. Not particualrly planning on using it.
>Yeah the logo thing is very low quality, more of just a stament of an idea than anything else

*None of this is really required, it is all for your enjoyment.
If you don’t want to spend the money/time for the extra step and make do with what you’ve got, that is perfectly okay.
**Be sure to pay attention which way it prints so you can put the paper in properly when re-printing on the back. One or a few test trials are reccomended
(esspecially when one has limited amounts of the particular paper needed)
***Not sure if it is standard, but I had a transparent ruler, where when you lined
the short centimeter lines across the edege of the pictures, gave a perfect line
to draw the border.

Приятных вам эмоций!

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