бесплатная бродилка Весна

Free boardgame: Spring

«Spring» — game in the form of planets, in different hemispheres — drawn summer and winter.

Free print and download the gameboard  of game «Spring»:

Download game Spring.

Connect page 1 & 2 to make a complete game board.

Rules of the game «Spring»:

1. Use a dice to play. Start from the ‘Start’ spot.

2. If you land on:

kislorod2  (the red circle) — throw the dice again and  you get 3 points.

kislorod3 (the blue circle) — lose your turn

3. If you come to the finish — first — you get 5 points.

4. If you come to the finish — second — you get 2 points.

5. Therefore, for the winnings in the game — do not necessarily come first.

Wins the one who gets more points!